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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality, efficient, and affordable software solutions for the public sector with dependability, integrity, and innovation.

Our Story

Inefficiencies have kept us all awake at one point or another, asking "why does this have to be so hard"?  Intelligent Portfolio was born after identifying a few pain points in the capital planning and debt management process. We realized a singular tool was needed to maintain debt and create efficiencies crucial for planning, budgeting, borrowing, and audit reporting. So, we decided to blaze a path (okay, create a tool) to streamline critical parts of a process that helps our economy thrive.  


With the guidance of established industry experts and government finance officers, we developed Intelligent Portfolio: a cloud-based debt management software application that gives you access to real-time data and reporting, user collaboration, and organization.  


Intelligent Portfolio continues to grow and evolve because of our users.  We know it is better to work smarter, leveraging our collective knowledge to collapse mundane tasks and streamline processes, so you can spend more time where it matters most.  We know we will not eliminate every barrier, but we can make it easier to navigate by providing a tool to easily transfer institutional knowledge when turnover and/or retirement occurs.  Intelligent Portfolio makes it possible to shorten the learning curve, so finance officers and administrators can hit the ground running with a clear financial outlook with organized real time debt balances, capacity levels, payment information, and intuitive document storage at their fingertips.


We are a small, privately owned organization proud to serve our clients without the external pressures of investor financial goals.  Our Client Advisory Board sits at the helm of development, driving both innovation and excellence in our mission.  This diverse panel ensures we are flexible to meet the needs of our existing and future clients.  There simply is no one-size-fits-all for public debt management.  We take the time to understand your past, present, and future goals to ensure success from implementation to our on-going support and partnership.

Our Team

Our team has over 50 years combined experience serving the government and non-profit sectors.  Before Intelligent Portfolio, we worked in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, international enterprise software development, the Department of Defense, artificial intelligence (AI), and municipal finance consulting and advisory services across the United States. We bring broad experience maximizing creativity that is only outmatched by our passion to serve.




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